Tanya’s Gummies are simply incredible. They’re delicious in that they’re not too sweet, I can’t eat just one, and they make my body feel good.
– Joshua B


Wow! The taste is heavenly.
– Bonnie C


Yum! Bewellaby’s botanical gummies are a tongue tickling treat! The pleasing pliability and subtly sweet taste, like a raisin or a date, make a tantalizing tidbit for the tongue and the tummy. But better buy a bigger bag before they’re all swallowed up, since these handmade morsels are “more-ish”, as my mother used to say. Start with just one and you’ll soon want another and another then “just one more”. But there’s no need to fret if you’ve plenty of them left! Handcrafted batches from the purest whole foods are ambrosial delight, in a light, sweet, treat just about as guilt free as a gummy filled with honey, fruit, and happiness can be! Celiacs relax, they’re gluten free too! Fruity wholesome fun for your family and for you!
– Philip M

It’s a perfect snack on the go for an active lifestyle. Light, refreshing, and just the right amount of naturally sweet flavor to make you feel great.
– Sarah G


Bewellaby Gummies have a texture to die for. Chewy like a gummy bear but soft enough to sink your teeth into. They are addictive! I tried some and I’ve been craving them ever since!
– Julia R


I love Bewellaby Cranberry Ginger Gummies. Those are awesome. Those are not only mouthwatering to taste, but also provide me with energy while I’m running.
– Kaushik


Best gummies ever!
– Kaylie

These gummies were miraculous for me on my recent trip through Australia!
I am prone to stomach aches & nausea when I travel, particularly when get into a very different time zone – not to mention when I’m eating at restaurants every day and don’t have my fermented foods! Also, when I can’t get food for several hours, I relied on two or three gummies to get me through.
They quelled my tummy woes many times and I was so grateful They are delicious too.
I will continue to enjoy these gummies at home and whenever I travel!

– Ashley Hathaway, NTP, CGP San Francisco Nutritional Therapy