It was nearly impossible to find healthy snacks made from whole foods in a convenient form…that’s where Bewellaby™ came in. The idea was created in 2013 by a Nutritionist, whose burning desire was to make Botanical Gummies accessible to all. In early 2014 we launched and made our first public sales. We have only received amazing feedback about our gummies! Want to enjoy some too? You can shop here.

We take pride in the sourcing of our ingredients. Connecting with local farmers and companies whose great ethics align with ours is one of the several pieces of our business that puts us in a fantastic mood everyday. We hear that our love translates through to the product, we think so too.
We set our standards at the very top, no compromises. We take extensive amounts of time to thoroughly research every new supplier and company that we consider for our products and partnerships.

About the founder


Bewellaby™ is the brainchild of nutritionist Tanya Talhame, a former soccer player, half marathon runner, and top ranked makeup artist. Tanya managed several retail stores from clothing lines to high end chocolates and jewelry. This retail queen turned most recommended nanny/childcare giver of 12 years. Throughout these rewarding industries and experiences she was still mostly passionate about holistic health, since childhood, and decided to go back to school in this field.

Tanya is an incredibly talented recipe developer, a holistic skincare expert, and certified Nutritionist. She is inspired daily by the natural beauty in everyone and everything which sparks her creativity in holistic skincare, holistic makeup, wellness, and real food. She practices a mostly Paleo lifestyle and makes all her own skincare products. In her free time she loves taking care of her houseplants (a jungle, really) socializing with friends, going on nature walks, taking hot bubble baths, studying herbalism, and creating recipes of course. In fact, she’s already got her next several products in line!
Thanks for following our journey!

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