Bewellaby Gummies 13

Bewellaby is introducing a new line of healthy snacks.

The first item released is Botanical Gummies! These yummy snacks are made using grass-fed gelatin, locally sourced honey and local organic cranberries.

Our first two flavors available are Cranberry and Cranberry Ginger.

The health benefits of quality gelatin are well documented and include improving joint health, gut health and skin to name a few. It’s also a natural immune system booster. 

Honey is a healthy sweetener choice and is allowed on most diets that restrict processed refined sugars, like Paleo, GAPS and Weston A.Price.  Honey includes beneficial enzymes and is a traditional remedy for many common ailments.  Cranberries are high in antioxidants and used traditionally in women’s health.

Bewellaby recognizes the need for quality snacks that are not only tasty for people of all ages but also very nutritious. 
Be Well!

13 thoughts on “Bewellaby Gummies

  • Kathryn McDonald

    Hi Tanya,

    My entire family enjoyed the gummies and the jerky. I was a big fan of the cranberry ginger gummies, because I love the zing (and health benefits) that ginger brings. My 2 year old daughter gobbled up the regular gummies, and I was so happy that she wasn’t consuming any food dyes, hfcs, or other junk. Just 3 ingredients to keep her little body healthy! As far as quality, on the go snacks you can’t go wrong with the beef jerky. It’s a satisfying whole food without any sugar/preservatives. Perfect for our busy schedules!

  • Paula B

    I bought home the cranberry jellies and the most discerning taste testers, my children, love them. It is reassuring to be able to give them something as nourishing and tasty as these goodies. We also think the jerky is delicious!

  • Cathy Eason

    Great to meet you at the NTA conference Tanya, and thanks so much for offering your delicious, NUTRITIOUS, gelatin gummies and jerky to all of us. Very tasty stuff, and of a quality I can definitely recommend to clients, friends and family alike. Keep up the good work! All the best to your endeavor

  • Claudia Ross-Kuhn

    It is so important to have sources of nutritious goodies, especially in these times when so many pre prepared products are laced with GMO and other very dangerous products that tempt some.
    Parents need these kinds of solutions. Thank you for your work and good luck to your business!

  • Melissa Hedstrom MS NTP

    Tanya !!! So enjoyed the jerky and loved taking the gummies home to my kiddos after the NTA conference. They are so nummy and the kids and I loved them!!! I am excited to order and have them for my kid’s lunches!

  • Shaundra

    I had the chance to try these recently at a nutrition conference and found myself circling the room repeatedly so that I could come back for another sample! Yummy gummies!

  • Debbie

    I loved these! I would definitely consider distributing them in the future when I get my act together with my business (and online?).

  • Nicole

    These gummies are delicious!! Love them and kids will too!! So good for you and taste great! I hope you do more flavors and I’m excited to but more! So happy to see your natural healthy ingredients………nicole

  • Ryan B.

    Great gummy snacks! I am glad I had a chance to get introduced to your products. I highly recommend them for anyone trying to get healthy sources of gelatin or just want a little sweet treat. Keep up the good work.

  • Lori Carson

    I was wondering if your shipping your products, we are interested in them. I am an NTP student graduating in June.
    Please let me know!


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