Bewellaby®️ Botanical Gummies are nutrient dense, ooey chewy gooey and rich in collagen protein! They contain no refined sugars, artificial coloring or flavoring. The best candy wellness snack for your body, mind, soul, and skin. And super tasty. Mmm mm.


Our gummies are made up of only the cleanest and purest ingredients from 100% real food, some would say they’re paleo friendly 🙂

General ingredients:
•Fruit – organic whenever possible
•Grassfed/Pasture raised beef gelatin (kosher)
•Wildcrafted herbs
•Citric acid (non GMO&fruit derived)

Cranberry Ginger

This one’s got zing! Bold cranberry paired with warming ginger is the perfect combo, leaving your mouth with a subtly spiced and tart impression.
Red Raspberry Leaf

This flavor is made using organic, ripe raspberries from a Washington farm along with wildcrafted raspberry leaf. The raspberry/honey pairing is incredible. About anyone who tries this says it’s a keeper.
New flavors coming soon!


Be healthy. Be happy. Bewellaby.